Saturday, August 4, 2007

Out of the strong come forth sweetness

Well after checking back to my Bees and following their progress for a few weeks now - the new queen definately did the trick - the second brood chamber is full of honey and brood right now and I have added my first honey super.

I also got a little taste of my honey after sticking the hivetool into a little of the comb for a sample. The taste wasn't strong, but it was light and very nice; I am definately looking forward to hopefully getting some more.

I do have some input on trying a queen excluder - I tried this for a week or so when I added the first super - I have just taken it off as the Bees didnt build any new comb up their and I felt it as more of a hinderance. Perhaps by leaving it off the queen might go up there and waft her scent around a little more, encouraging the workers to continue building their comb. I also feel its more natural without it and I am not worried that brood will be placed up there.

I will see how this first super begins to fill and I'll take it from there for now.


Melanie Rimmer said...

We've had a terrible season here in England - three months of unending rain in what should be the warmest driest months of the year, and the prime nectar flow. As a consequence no-one has any honey to harvest and in fact I have had to feed 4kg of sugar to one of my colonies.

Surviving said...

Your blog was an enjoyable read. Thanks for the time and effort. I noticed you haven't posted in awhile. How did your beekeeping venture work out? How much time do you have to devote to your enterprise? I'm just curious; I'm thinking about beekeeping as a hobby.